For our laser hair removal procedures, we proudly use the advanced and safe system of Diolaze by InMode and Forever Bare® BBL by Sciton at Dermatology & Plastic Surgery Specialists. Feel free to call us at 760-773-6616 to learn more and schedule an appointment with our trained professionals.

Using specialized light, our hair removal lasers, Diolaze and Forever Bare BBL, target the melanin in your hair follicles’ growth centers to heat and destroy the follicle at its source. Once the growth center is destroyed, the hair follicles can no longer grow in the treated areas. This treatment is effective in eliminating 80 – 90% of hair within the treated areas.

Hair removal is fast, effective, comfortable and highly effective in treating any area of the body on all skin types. There is no downtime required and patients can resume normal activities after their treatment.

Multiple laser hair removal treatments are required over a period of time simply because the treatment targets the active phase of the hair growth cycle. You can enjoy long-lasting laser hair removal results with this treatment as long as you follow the custom-made plan from your provider.

For more information about laser hair removal in Palm Desert, California, and to schedule a consultation with one of our laser specialists, please contact Dermatology & Plastic Surgery Specialists today.