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When skin cells and underlying tissue accumulate, they may cause skin growths, or unusual tissue formations in the skin. Skin growths may be raised or flat, and vary in color. The majority of skin growths are benign and non-cancerous. However, we strongly recommend that you make an appointment to meet with our dermatologist as soon as you notice anything unusual in your skin. Dr. Michael J. Messina will be able to determine if a skin growth is benign or cancerous, and if it needs treatment.

It is common for growths to develop in people’s skin. Aging and exposure to UV rays can increase the likelihood of growth developments on the skin. Genetics are also associated with the development of many growths. These growths are usually harmless, but people often want them removed for cosmetic reasons. They may also be removed for medical reasons if cancer is suspected.

Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts regarding skin growths:


  • Consult a doctor about removing skin growths
  • Consult a doctor is you notice changes in existing growths (increases in size, color changes, pain, bleeding, etc.)
  • Avoid treating growths such as warts with over-the-counter drugs. It is always better to seek treatment from a doctor
  • Keep your skin clean and moisturized


  • Pick at skin growths, especially moles, warts, or skin lesions – this may worsen the condition
  • Be impatient with treatment length, home remedies can take days or weeks to work, and it is always wiser to consult a doctor

You can learn more about some of the most common skin growths by clicking on the links provided below:

At Dermatology & Plastic Surgery Specialists, our dermatologist, Dr. Michael J. Messina, is highly skilled in providing effective treatment for skin growths in Palm Desert, California. You can learn more about our treatments for skin growths by contacting our office at 760-773-6616 and scheduling an appointment.


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