The term “eczema” refers to red, itchy, and scaly skin, and is commonly associated with atopic dermatitis. This skin condition occurs when the skin’s barrier becomes compromised and feels extremely itchy. This compels patients to scratch and rub at their skin, resulting in red rashes that blister, flake, and even bleed. While doctors are currently investigating the cause of atopic dermatitis, we know that a patient’s environment and genetics can play a role.

Atopic dermatitis often develops in childhood, usually within a child’s first year. It commonly appears on the baby’s cheeks, forehead, and scalp. Most children outgrow atopic dermatitis by their teenage years, though some continue to experience it in adulthood.

Treatment for atopic dermatitis requires persistence and patience, as there is no one-pill-fits-all method. When you visit our doctors for a consultation, they will work with you to devise a customized treatment plan and skin care regimen to keep your condition under control. Treatment options depend on the extent and quality of your rash and can involve oral and topical medications. Proper management of eczema will reduce uncomfortable itching and lower your skin of skin infections, which occur more frequently in eczematous skin.

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