Most commonly known as shingles, herpes zoster can affect any individual who has previously had chickenpox. Similar to Type 1 and 2 herpes simplex virus, the chickenpox virus stays in the central nervous system indefinitely. It may resurface as a result of stress, illness, or sunlight, or because of a compromised immune system. Shingles is most commonly seen in older adults.

If an individual is over the age of 50, they are eligible to receive a shingles vaccine, known as the Zoster vaccine. our trained professionals can answer any of your questions and address your concerns with this vaccine during a visit to Dermatology & Plastic Surgery Specialists. It is useful in preventing outbreaks, reducing the intensity of an outbreak if one occurs, and decreasing the chance of persistent and neurological pain (post herpetic neuralgia) following the outbreak.

Prior to experiencing a singles outbreak, your skin may begin to feel tingly or painful. Soon, a red rash follows that may have blisters. The rash from shingles is usually limited to one area, also known as a dermatome, of your body. When you can recognize these symptoms within about two days of its onset, you may get a prescription from our dermatologist that can reduce symptoms and the subsequent neurological pain. Please contact 760-773-6616 for more information about shingles treatment in Palm Desert, California.