Forma by InMode is a novel non-invasive radiofrequency dermal heating device for skin tightening of the face and neck. Radiofrequency technology with Forma allows us to treat the deep layers of your skin, providing you with optimal skin contraction. Forma treatments are non-invasive and sub-dermal, remodeling and tightening collagen for smoother skin.

Forma was designed after the success of A.C.E (Acquire, Control, Extend) technology, which used RF energy to target the deeper layers of skin without over- or under-treating any area. This FDA-approved technology ensures you can receive treatment with maximum safety and consistent results.

Unlike other machines, Forma does not use lights or laser components that could upset some patients. Instead, Forma uses a gentle heat that can be used on any skin type to increase your skin’s collagen and remodel it to be more youthful. This gentle treatment allows patients to relax more easily, feeling only some subdermal heating and the movements of the treatment head, as their skin is tightened to function better.

As we get older, our layers of collagen get smashed, much like an older mattress gets worn over time. These “smashed” layers are what create wrinkles and lines. The Forma system uses RF energy to remold the collagen strands into tighter lines, which lessens the lines and wrinkles we normally see.

Forma treatments are given in a series, with six to eight sessions performed one week at a time. The total number of treatments will be determined by what area is being treated, namely if it is the face or body. After you receive the initial treatments, we recommend you participate in a maintenance program to maintain your results long-term.

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