Warts vary in size and coloration, and they can affect any part of the skin. We want to assure our patients that these growths are common and benign. The attributes of warts can be rough, raised, and flesh-colored bumps, but they can also look similar to moles and can be smooth, flat, brown, tan, or even white. Genetics may play a part in the development of warts; however, the human papillomavirus (HPV) can also be a cause. Warts are more likely to occur in areas where the skins barrier has been compromised and can neither keep out bacteria or allergens nor maintain moisture and health.

It is common to have experienced warts as a child or teenager, or if you have the habit of biting or picking your nails. Also, those with a weakened immune system may be more susceptible to warts. Although they are not usually painful or dangerous, warts are contagious and can spread with direct contact. For children, it may take years for warts to go away on their own, but in adults, this condition is not so easily eliminated. Our trained professionals may recommend the following treatments for warts:

  • Liquid nitrogen (cryotherapy)
  • Cantharidin
  • Injected immune stimulators
  • Alternative/Natural Remedies

You can learn more about wart treatments in Palm Desert, California, during a consultation at Dermatology & Plastic Surgery Specialists. Excisional surgery may be required for extremely large warts. Multiple sessions with our dermatologist may be needed as well if the wart is resistant to treatment. Please call 760-773-6616 to arrange your visit with us and learn what treatment is best for you.