In many cases, Dr. Natalie Driessen combines breast augmentation procedures with a breast lift in order to achieve improved breast volume and positioning. These treatments can be completed during the same procedure, so you only require one appointment at our office.

Over time, your breasts may lose their shape, firmness and volume. Additionally, the skin tends to lose elasticity and begins to sag. This may occur due to aging, heredity, pregnancy, breastfeeding or a combination of these factors. By combining breast augmentation and lifts, both the loss of shape and volume and sagging can be resolved easily.

During your breast augmentation procedure, our plastic surgeon will insert implants or a fast graft into your breasts. This will increase the size and volume of your breasts, and improve their overall shape. She will then perform a breast lift to ensure that your breasts are correctly positioned and are not sagging. Breast lifts have the added benefit of reduce any enlargement of the areola that may have occurred.

We will provide you with detailed post-procedure instructions to help you heal properly and maximize the benefits of your treatment.

If you have any questions about breast augmentation with a lift in Palm Desert, California, or to schedule your consultation with Dr. Driessen, please call Dermatology & Plastic Surgery Specialists today at 760-773-6616.