Tinea versicolor is a result of yeast fungi, which normally live on the skin, growing quickly and out of control. It is unclear why tinea yeast overgrows in some people, but it is not harmful and could be caused by having oily skin, living in a hot climate, excessive sweating, or having a weakened immune system. Yeast grows naturally on your skin, so it is not contagious, but it can be seen as a rash that is either, pink, tan, or has white spots.

Tinea versicolor is most commonly apparent on the back and chest, and wherever there is an abundance of oil glands. Typically, teenagers and young adults with oily skin are affected by this infection. Tropical environments and warmer seasons like summer can also cause tinea versicolor. The rash may itch, but it can be treated with topical antifungals like creams, lotions, or other elements. Once it has cleared, tinea versicolor has the tendency to come back, so regular maintenance may be required. One way that can help to prevent excessive sweating is to avoid wearing tight clothing and irritable fabrics; cotton, for example, is a light, breathable material.

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